Best time to visit zhangjiajie, National forest park Zhangjiajie. Are you ready?

Best time to visit zhangjiajie, Zhangjiajie National forst park . Are you ready? how to go to zhangjiajie ? paket tour zhangjiajie in Today I explored Zhang Jia Jie, China. Along the way I ran into this little guy guarding a bridge between two mountains – zhangjiajie glass, zhangjiajie glass bridge in china.

Zhangjiajie National forst park

Zhangjiajie National forst park


The park is amazing, except for mainland china people dominating it. Making hard for tourists to enjoy the sights with their pushing and their cutting the queue. Not to mention the smoking of cigarettes and spitting on the floor.

Some place in this park just worth for walking only, not for tourist sightseeing. Some photo stops are occupied by photo service! They do business everywhere, but they forget to satisfy their visitors is the unique business!

To say it’s an adventure is an understatement. You will enter to the heart of wild nature, walk through ancient villages and be mesmerized by the raw beauty of such place…

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