Three-year-old Chinese Giant Salamander settles in Yellow Dragon Cave, Beijing elderly went to Zhangjiajie to find a new home for it

“Hi Baby, I sent you to Zhangjiajie. This is your home. You can live a good life here …” On the 25th, Fan Huimin from Beijing and his family left Zhangjiajie and returned to Beijing. Before leaving, the old man said goodbye to his baby fish (artificially farmed).

On May 23, Mr. Fan and the person in charge of Huanglongdong Scenic Area released the Andrias davidianus

On May 23, Mr. Fan and the person in charge of Huanglongdong Scenic Area released the Andrias davidianus

On May 23, the 68-year-old Fan Huimin drove from Beijing to Wulingyuan District of Zhangjiajie City after two days and one night, and donated a baby fish (scientific giant salamander) that has been carefully fed for half a year to the Yellow Dragon Cave Scenic Area in Zhangjiajie National Natural Reserve in Hunan station. “Zhangjiajie is full of green water and green mountains, and it is the best place for” dolls! “According to Mr. Fan, this giant salamander was given to him by a friend before the Spring Festival this year, and he was more than 3 years old.

For several months, Mr. Fan has replaced it with mineral water and fed a few small fish every day. After a long time of raising, Mr. Fan’s family has a deep affection for it, which is commensurate with the “doll” every day. “The deeper you love, the better you want it to live, so later you want to put it back to nature and find a better home for it.” With the idea of ​​letting the “doll” return to nature, Mr. Fan Several places such as Beijing Fangshan, Wuyishan, Fujian, and Shennongjia in Hubei have been considered successively, but in the end, Zhangjiajie in Hunan is the most suitable.

Mr. Fan has visited Zhangjiajie twice and visited Yellow Dragon Cave. He knows that there is a giant salamander observation station in Huanglong Cave, which is very suitable for baby fish to recuperate. Mr. Fan’s family said that after listening to the introduction of the tour guide, the water from the Huanglong Cave Observation Station came from the cave. The spring water was filtered layer by layer. The water quality was cool and pure, and the temperature was constant. It is the most suitable living environment for giant salamanders. In the end, I chose to send the “doll” to Yellow Dragon Cave. On the one hand, because Zhangjiajie is the hometown of giant salamander, it is most suitable for the growth of giant salamander; on the other hand, the Yellow Dragon Cave giant salamander observation station can provide the best maintenance for the “doll”.

The giant salamander, commonly known as “baby fish”, is an ancient creature born at the same time as the dinosaur. It has high requirements on the environment and water quality, so it has the title of “biological activated stone” and “biological indicator”. The Zhangjiajie Yellow Dragon Cave Giant Salamander National Nature Reserve Observation Station is located at the exit of Longquan Underground River. It was completed in 2008 and opened to the public free of charge. Before this, three giant salamander stars over 100 years old and nearly 1.5 meters in length were settled. The beautiful Longquan became a popular spot in the Yellow Dragon Cave scenic area, and it had the title of “Beautiful Salamander Home”.